To begin again is a difficult task at hand. You usually have to pick yourself up, dust off, put bandaids on your scrapes...and the most challenging part is you have to face the world.  You have to come out of hiding in the comfort of the womb where you turn to for healing.  Why bother?  Because it is a part of our design.  We have the opportunity to start anew.  To find peace within our storm and as quickly as we might have fallen - we can be reborn.  We can be put back together and experience a peace and hope that binds us.  This original P31 painting is a 16"x20", acrylic abstract piece that shows the peace in rebuilding was was broken.  An excellent way to remind and give glory where it belongs to our Creator - and thank Him for the grace and mercy to have a mother chance to be better to ourselves and each other.

To Be Created Again