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Paper Making Tips

Tip #1 - Be Sure to Soak the Pulp Balls

Soaking the pulp balls in WARM water for about 15-30 minutes helps to loosen the pulp.

Paper Pulp Kit.jpg

Tip #3 - Be Patient

Be patient and don't be afraid to begin again.  


Tip #5 - Be Gentle

Pull at your couch slowly to release the paper.  Here's a vide to help!

Screenshot (45).png

Tip #2 - Completely Wet the Couch

Be sure to complete wet the couching sheet before beginning this helps the paper adhere to the couch.


Tip #4 - Allow Air Circulation

When you hange you paper, be sure you have air circulating around your sheets.  Using a fan, hanging outside, or in a window can speed up the drying process.

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