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About Us

"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is worthy of praise" - Proverbs 31:30, NIV

P31 ART & DESIGN is a Christian, family-run art and design company that is composed of a mother-daughter duo.  Through artistic expression, we take pride in ourselves as we enjoy the experience of creation and celebrate the uniqueness of every work of art. 

We are currently a fully operational store that original pieces that are handcrafted and hand painted goods such as purses, pouches, handbound books, and stationery.  There are no two items that are the same.  Our original paintings are inspiration for our fully customizable printable products for our journals, greeting cards, and wall art prints.  Our stationery is made of handmade paper, from organic substances such as flower petals, plant matter, and natural dyes and pigments from vegetables and minerals.  Our paper and handbound books are also parts of our original works collections.  At P31 Art & Design, our art is our passion available for all to enjoy. ​

Our company is located in Akron, OH, and officially came to fruition in 2021. As of 2023, we are currently located at Summit Artspace  140 E. Market St Akron OH Studio 318.  Our studio Hours are Fridays and Saturdays 12-7pm or by appointment.

Together the mother-daughter duo plans to bring awareness to Black Art while inspiring others to chase after their dreams.  Our primary goal is to continue to become active advocates of the Black Art community aspiring to build networks of connections that can last a lifetime.

Both artists are active members in the Akron Black Artist Guild, Women’s Art League of Akron, BE Arts Collective, and Artists of Rubber City.

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My name is Stephanie from Akron, OH.  As an artist, I try to leave the world a little bit brighter as I go.  My works are known for the capture of the strength and beauty of the Black American Woman and culture.  My preferred medium is acrylic but I do have a few pieces in watercolor and mixed-media art as well.  I enjoy designing and creating uniquely made handbound artbooks. I love color and the wide arrange of feelings that radiate from them. 


I am a registered Teaching Artist and find complete awesomeness in teaching art to anyone willing.  I am an active member of the Women's Art League, Akron Black Artist Guild,  and the Artists of Rubber City. I have had work exhibited in the Summa Hospital Art Gallery Black Artist Show, Women's Art League Fall Show,  Weathervane Theatre, and the East Ave Gallery.  I have had public art installations in Waterloo Arts District in Cleveland, OH and the City of Akron's Kerr Park.  I firmly believe the gift of creativity is within all of us, so it is my mission to get together and share it, spread, and cultivate it!


My name is Kyla Ann from Akron, OH.  My art captures the emotion behind colors and creativity that are expressed through all trials and tribulations in life. As a former dancer in contemporary modern, ballet, and jazz, I’ve learned the unique importance of feelings and language displayed through the fluidity in movement with a variety of textures. I am considered to be a papermaking artist by trade.  A primary component of my paper-making techniques includes the creation and manipulation of recycled papers and plant fibers.  I use fiber and paper pulp as central points for my artwork. Using the pulp as my medium, I have the ability to capture a vision with a multifunctional texturized surface and in some cases, a substrate.  . The variety of texture and colors throughout my artwork communicates my story.

I am an active member of the Akron Women's Art League, Akron Black Artists Guild, and the Artists of Rubber City.  I, along with Steph Elaine was recently the West Akron recipient of the Reminagine Akron ABAG Fellowship 2022. My works have been shown in various local exhibitions including Vantage Aging Art Auction and the Groundworks Action/Reaction Art Project.

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